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Chest Imaging

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Chest Imaging

About Chest Imaging

Chest imaging uses several advanced radiology techniques to produce images of the structures in your chest and detect health problems. The subspecialized and fellowship-trained thoracic radiologists at Radiology Imaging Associates are leaders in their field, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in creating and interpreting images of your chest. Schedule an appointment right away if you need diagnostic chest imaging. Call the Patient Access Team to book an appointment today at 720-493-3700.

Chest Imaging Q&A

What is chest imaging?

Chest imaging is a noninvasive diagnostic technique that produces pictures of your thoracic cavity (the inside of your chest), which includes your lungs, heart, chest wall, muscles, ribs, and upper spine.

Your Radiology Imaging Associates specialist uses chest imaging to view and evaluate all the structures in your thoracic cavity, making it crucial for detecting and monitoring a wide range of conditions and ensuring a timely and accurate diagnosis.

What conditions does chest imaging address?

You could need chest imaging when you have symptoms associated with lung conditions, cardiovascular problems, thoracic abnormalities, or a chest injury. Chest imaging is also an important tool for lung cancer screening.

Chest imaging reveals many conditions, including:

  • Acute respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and COVID-19
  • Emphysema
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast masses
  • Rib injury or fracture
  • Heart failure
  • Collapsed lung
  • Undiagnosed chest pain
  • Pulmonary fibrosis (lung tissue scarring)
  • Pleural effusion (fluid around your lungs)

When you have symptoms like chest pain, difficulty breathing, and coughing, you can depend on getting an accurate diagnosis with chest imaging at Radiology Imaging Associates.

What types of chest imaging are offered at Radiology Imaging Associates?

The skilled Radiology Imaging Associates team offers the following chest imaging procedures:

Chest X-ray

Chest X-rays are essential for getting an overall image of your chest and quickly detecting conditions like pneumonia, fractures, and many lung diseases.

CT scans of the chest

CT scans take highly detailed, cross-sectional images of your chest. Radiology Imaging Associates perform CT scans to diagnose complex conditions like tumors, infections, and vascular diseases.

Low-dose lung cancer screening

Radiology Imaging Associates screen for lung cancer using specialized low-dose computed tomography (LDCT). LDCT significantly reduces lung cancer deaths thanks to its ability to detect lung cancer at its earliest stage before it spreads.

You should consider lung cancer screening if you’re a long-time smoker over 50 and have smoked one pack daily for 20 years or longer. Screening is necessary whether you still smoke or quit in the last 15 years.

The highly trained thoracic radiologists at Radiology Imaging Associates produce exceptional chest imaging that quickly and accurately detects the cause of your symptoms. Call the office today or connect through online booking to schedule chest imaging with experts in the field.