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Breast Imaging

Breast Imaging services offered in Englewood, CO

Breast Imaging

About Breast Imaging

If you need imaging for a breast condition, look no further than Radiology Imaging Associates. Their team of seasoned radiologists has years of experience leading the way to diagnostic excellence. The breast imaging services available at the practice are designed to provide unparalleled precision in detecting and diagnosing breast-related conditions. Call the Patient Access Team to book an appointment today at 720-493-3700. 

Breast Imaging Q&A

What is breast imaging?

Breast imaging is a specialized diagnostic technique employing advanced imaging technology to examine breast tissue. It plays a crucial role in the early detection of various breast conditions, identifying potential problems before they become serious concerns.

Some 240,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year. Screening has become a crucial step in raising the survival rate of breast cancer patients.

What conditions does breast imaging address?

Breast imaging at Radiology Imaging Associates assists in detecting and diagnosing several breast-related conditions. You could need breast imaging to:

Detect Breast Abnormalities

Radiology Imaging Associates’ imaging services excel in identifying abnormalities within the breast tissue, like lumps, cysts, or other changes that need further evaluation.

Screen for Breast Cancer

Breast imaging is a crucial part of breast cancer screening at Radiology Imaging Associates, enabling early detection of tumors when they’re most treatable.

Monitor Breast Health

For people with a history of breast conditions or treatments, breast imaging at Radiology Imaging Associates monitors and assesses ongoing breast health, providing valuable information to use in crafting personalized care plans.

Which breast imaging exams are offered at Radiology Imaging Associates?

The practice provides three essential breast imaging exams, each serving a unique purpose:


Mammography is the cornerstone of breast imaging at Radiology Imaging Associates, using low-dose X-rays to capture detailed images of the breast tissue. It is a widely used and effective screening tool for detecting abnormalities.

Screening Breast Ultrasound

This noninvasive imaging technique at Radiology Imaging Associates employs sound waves to further evaluate breast abnormalities identified during a mammogram. Screening breast ultrasound is valuable in providing additional insights, particularly for some types of breast tissue.

Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

A breast MRI generates detailed images of the breast tissue using magnetic fields and radio waves. This exam offers a complete view, contributing crucial information for diagnosis and treatment.

The focus on these three specific breast imaging exams at Radiology Imaging Associates reflects a commitment to providing comprehensive, tailored diagnostic services.

To see how you can benefit from breast imaging, call the Radiology Imaging Associates office today or book a consultation online.